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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Spinach Soup

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553228-tips-to-prepare-low-fat-spinach-soup.imagesqtbnand9gctdcmrg9aagg1rvxyiifnkmisf0ohhptupk8bi8b9fpkzrx0q3fhqA low fat spinach soup will not only make you less guilty but shall also feel you lighter and healthier. A low calorie spinach soup can be easily prepared at home and all essential nutrients easily retained. Try some of our easy tips on preparing low fat spinach soup and enjoy with your friends and family.


Eliminate Butter:


Butter is high in calories – you can easily eliminate it from your spinach soup. You can use a non stick spray in place of butter which shall make it healthier.


Evaporated skim milk:


To make your spinach soup creamy and rich, you need not have to use full cream always. Evaporated skim milk is low fat, but gives a very rich texture and taste to the soup. You can use it in place of cream in your soup preparation.


Choice for cheese:


One of the best ways to make your spinach soup taste yummy without making it high in calories is through the use of low fat cream or Parmesan cheese for that extraordinary flavor.


Wrap ice cubes:


If you are able to wrap ice cubes in cheesecloth or in any paper towel and then skim over slowly, over the top of the utensil, you will be able to remove fat from the soup very easily. You can also add some lettuce leaves and then remove the lettuce leaves – fat tends to cling on to lettuce leaves.


So, move ahead with your low fat spinach soup and have a healthier, happier and fitter life!


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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Spinach Soup