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Swan Valley Wine Tour

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Swan Valley wine tour will take you into the lap of nature. This picturesque wine region is located on the outskirts of Perth, Australia and has many wineries some dating back to the 1800s.

History of wine production in Swan Valley can be traced back to the time when Yugoslavian immigrants planted vineyards before and after the Second World War. The oldest wineries which you will find here are the Houghtons—established in 1836 and Sandalford—established in 1840.

Over the years, wine production has picked up pace in Swan Valley and many new wineries have been established in the region. But the since the climate is very hot in the region, many wineries have to source grapes from other areas.

If you embark upon a wine tour in Swan Valley, be prepared to be treated to a rich fusion of wine, food, art, and nature. The Swan Valley wine trail is 32-kilometers long which has more than 150 attractions—wineries, breweries, distilleries, shops, restaurants etc. to keep you engaged.

The wine aficionados will come back quite elated after a wine tour to Swan Valley.

There are many options for undertaking Swan Valley wine tours and here we will give you a brief overview of all of them.

So if we have got you hooked, then read on to find more about it.

Swan Valley Wine Tour

Swan Valley Indulgence Winery Tour

As the name suggests, this tour will enable you to enjoy a day full of indulgence. The tour will take you on a visit to five wineries where you will get to taste some of their finest wines. You will also get to eat some of the scrumptious fare prepared in the wineries. You will also get to taste some of the finest cheeses as well as taste some chocolate truffle and also some good quality chocolates.


Cruise of Swan Valley

This is an exciting way to tour the Swan Valley wineries. You will take a cruise on the Swan River which will enable you to take in the natural beauty of the region. After the trip, you will get a chance to visit the wineries in the region where you will get to sip on some of the finest wines and watch the wine production at close quarters.


Horse Carriage Tour

If you fell up to it, then you can opt to tour the Swan Valley in a horse carriage. The horse carriage will take you through the wine trail, making stops at some of the choicest wineries. The tour will provide you a completely different experience altogether as you travel in the carriage and get to see the countryside as well. The visit to the wineries will enable you to watch the wine production techniques and the chance to taste some of the best wines will be an added bonus.


Swan Valley Premium Wine Tour

If you want to indulge in some luxury, then this is the tour for you. You will get a chance to travel the Swan Valley wine trail in a luxury Limocoach. You will be taken to a visit to the wineries and will also be treated to a gourmet lunch in the vineyard with complimentary wine. If you feel tired, then you can sit back and stretch your legs in the confines of the Limousine.


If you wish to spend your vacations in the lap of nature sipping on some exquisite wine, then Swan Valley wine tour is just the thing for you. So what are you waiting for, book your tour now and get ready for an adventure which will surely leave you in high spirits.


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Swan Valley Wine Tour