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Michigan Wine Tour

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One may not link Michigan with wine production, but in actuality, this area is a well recognized wine region. Michigan wine tour may provide you with a good chance to see the wine region, its wineries and the scenic countryside at close quarters.

On a wine tour to Michigan, you’ll realize that the coastal area is a breeding ground for some of the best wineries. The weather here is conducive for the growth of vineyards keeping the grape growers happy.

Michigan today boasts of around 40 wineries which produce more than 200,000 cases of wine annually. Every year wine lovers from across the globe visit the Michigan wine country for touring these wineries and to get a taste of their finest wines.

Michigan wine region is divided into 5 wine trails and a wine tour to Michigan will not be complete till you pay a visit to all of them.

Read on to find out more about Michigan wine tours.

Michigan Wine Tour

Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail

The region has 18 wineries producing some award winning wines every year. The natural beauty of the region also makes it a favourable destination for the traveler. A tour to this region will enable you to take a close look at the wine making process as well as taste some of the wines being made here. The area is famous for producing red wines, white wines, fruity wines, brandies and also a variety of sparkling wines.


Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail

The region has a pleasant climate and is a designated American Viticultural Area (AVA). It has over 10, 000 acres of grape cultivation. A trip to this region will charm you with its scenic countryside. Visit the wineries in the region and take a taste of the wines in many of the small tasting rooms which are nestled among the hills and inland lakes.


Southeast Michigan Pioneer Wine Trai

This region will prove to be a perfect getaway from the city humdrum. The Irish Hills, numerous lakes, and Hidden Lake Gardens located along the wine trail will make your trip memorable. The vintners here grow and sell special wines which you would love to discover. So sip on some fine wine as you relax and soak yourself in the beautiful surroundings.


Sunrise Side Wine & Hops Trail

This trail will take you to the Sunrise Side region where the growth of wineries is a fairly new development. The trail follows the various wineries located in the region. But this tour is not only about wines tasting. In between visits to wineries, you will also be treated to stopovers at light houses, museums, golf, charter fishing, and other places of interest like the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center and the Charity Island Dinner Cruise. So this trip is sure to rejuvenate you and provide a wholesome tourist experience.


Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula

This region lies between the arms of Grand Traverse Bay. This wine region is different from others and unique in terms of the fact that it has traditional European grape varieties growing here. The wines which you will get to savor while on a tour to this region are Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Grigio and the prestigious ice wines along with the sparkling varieties.


With all its natural wonder and many other attractions, Michigan wine tour is bound to be an enriching experience.


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Michigan Wine Tour