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Los Angeles Food Tour

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Gastronomic tours are right now enjoying great popularity in culinary tourism and following the path Los Angeles Food tour is in great demand in between global tourists. As fascinating as Los Angeles, culinary diversity of this place is also enticing; usually, a Los Angeles food tour is small distance walking tours comprising 5-10 people in a group led by an expert tour guide.



Melting Pot Food Tour at Los Angeles

The tour starts from Farmers Market at Fairfax Avenue and end at Beverly Center at La Cienega Blvd. The Farmers Market is a grand place for food ingredients shopping while it is a pretty old one 130 year nostalgic memory. W. 3rd Street is famous for its bunch of eateries like cafes, gourmet groceries, restaurants, and a famous tea emporium having stock of 300 verities of teas.  This Los Angeles food tour has provision of ample signatures dished to taste like

  1. New York style deli/bakery
  2. Handmade candy kitchen
  3. Doughnut shop
  4. European style bakery
  5. Ethnic eateries (Japanese, French, Brazilian)

This food tour is of 3 hour duration and takes place on Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays.


Old Towne Orange Food Tour

This is a wonderful food tour comprising of ethnic foods and contemporary fusion foods; most of the time this tour is lead by friendly local residents and historical backdrop of orange city adds a new dimension in this foodie tour which blends aroma of present with taste of food. There is provision for Cuban, Italian, Mexican, and retro-American cuisine in this Los Angeles food tour program.


Los Angeles food tour to Little Tokyo

The food tour is planned in the Little Tokyo District of LA and it serves as a window to pee through the LA food culture and the versatility of fusion of cultures in and around LA neighborhood. Savory dishes, Japanese tea, mochi, pastries are some foods which makes this food journey sumptuous.


China Town food tour in Los Angeles

San Gabriel Valley is the china town for LA. Although the place recently has earned huge reputation due to availability of authentic Chinese foods, the community of San Gabriel is pretty old and has a quirky history of its own about the special food culture.


Participating in any Los Angles food tour is a great way to know the place and feel the place. It is the best way to know the local community as well. Indulge a food tour next time when you will be in Los Angeles.


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Los Angeles Food Tour