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Milwaukee Food Tour

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Food Tour is becoming a popular culinary preference for the food critics and Milwaukee food tour is no exception in this trend. The motto of this food tour is not always tasting samples and collecting ingredients but also to learn and taste the culinary tradition of a place and how fusion in community is leading toward fusion of food and its preparation story. Therefore when we talk about Milwaukee food tour it is not about a culinary map it is more about the presence of its culture and tradition and obviously the touch of humanity.


Food Tour to Brady Street

The food tour to Brady Street is short but full of varieties and thrill for exploring new dimensions about Milwaukee. It is a short walking distance between 1.6 miles and eight world class eateries are located in this small area. The participants can endlessly enjoy

  1. Mouthwatering pizza from Italian Pizzaria
  2. Tasty canoly from bakery
  3. Olives and prosciutto from organic grocery store
  4. Wine from authentic wine shops
  5. Some quirky stories about Milwaukee and its culinary diversity, etc



Food tour to Old ward Third Street through River walk

The food tour spanning river walk to the Old ward Third Street is based on Weston and its neighborhood area and this area of Milwaukee is mainly influenced by German taste and culture. The most appraised foods and drinks from this place are

  1. Burgers from burger joints
  2. Tasting beer memoribilia ollection
  3. Milwaukee-brewed beer


Milwaukee Food Tour for Historic Third Ward


This delicious food tour is quite informative also. Besides accessing a wide range of exquisite cuisines, you will be bale to taste genuine Wisconsin-brewed beer. Along with food the numerous art galleries and historical places will make your journey a memorable one and believe me you will be able to savor both on food and ambience hence the food tour will be all dimensional. Expected tour time for completion of this tour-plan is 2-2.5 hour.


Bloody Third Ward” Bloody Mary Brunch Tour

This food tour is scheduled on Sundays only; not only savoring food and drinks; it is great opportunity to enjoy Milwaukee culture and tradition as well.

Bloody Mary is served with all foods hence it is known as Bloody Mary Brunch Tour.


Village of Wauwatosa Tour


Now when enjoyment of food is over it is for shopping of food items; this small village has plenty of shops of wine, chocolate, and olive oil. There are more or less 20 restaurants and they serve quality dishes.


Now in your next vacation when you will be at Milwaukee, do not forget joining Milwaukee Food Tour; it will help you to discover the place in its special tune.


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Milwaukee Food Tour