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Miami Food Tour Options

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Miami Food tour options have earned wide popularity nowadays within food conscious tourists: Miami Food Tours are all for exploring the culture and tradition of south Florida inclusive its gastronomy.  The tour not only for walk and samples some good quality food, it is all about learning food from its grass-root and in one sense it is complete discovery of the culture and heritage of south Florida by its culinary map as well. Food tours in Miami make a provision to know the people behind making the foods as well. Miami is called the melting point of culture, the food tours are spices on that melting pot.


Cuban Culture Food Tour at Miami

Needless to mention, that this food tour is all about Cuban food, culture, and history of preparing foods. Slightly prolonged into duration [almost for 4 hours] there are wonderful opportunities for enjoying traditional Cuban cuisine, tropical fruit juices, and best quality wines for the wine lovers.


Dinner Tour at South Beach

South Beach is rightly called the face of Miami and the foods here are the fcae of the vibrant culture of Miami. Some world class restaurants are located here with their mouthwatering cuisines.

  1. Columbian Cuisine at Best Colombien Food in Miami Restaurant
  2. Magical wine from Savor of Argentine
  3. Forbidden cuisse are all about old recipes and now re invented by talents chefs
  4. Cuban dishes from Everyday Cuban
  5. Rare Italian pasta from Gourmet Italian
  6. Savoring chocolates from The Incas


Little Havana Food Tour at Miami

This food tour is all about Traditional Cuban food via a walking journey and the attractions of this Miami Food Tour are

  1. Visiting family owned restaurants and gaining knowledge about food stories
  2. Leisurely stroll in non-formal attitude
  3. Scope of personal shopping food items
  4. Meeting the faces behind the success stories of food dishes
  5. Visiting Calle Ocho the famous street for authentic Cuban foods
  6. Celebrating the culinary pulse of Miami neighbohood


The delicacies are

  • Specially prepared Coladita
  • DSpanish bites, and plantain based recipe Mariquitas
  • Masitas-cuban pork preparation
  • Moros-Cuban bread
  • Yuca Frita with mojo Cuban staple food
  • Sweet time pastry and Guarapo Juice


Do not forget to join Miami Food tour while you will be here; ypu will be exploring this famous place in its new face.


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Miami Food Tour Options