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Tuscany Wine Tour

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Tuscany is the most famous wine region located in central Italy and no trip to the region is complete without a Tuscany wine tour. Tuscany produces some of the best known wines like the Chianti and is amongst one of the largest wine producing areas in the world.

Every year the region hosts thousands of wine connoisseurs and wine tours in Tuscany are very popular with tourists. A tour to Tuscany’s wineries and vineyards provides the tourists with a chance to get acquainted with the age-old wine making techniques and also provides a chance to taste some of the best produces wines.

The best way to go on a wine tour in Tuscany is to avail any one of the various tours conducted by the tour and travel operators in the region. These tours are held all year round and are also designed to suit every pocket.

But these tours are best enjoyed in small groups so if you want to make the most of each and every moment spent there, be sure to avoid large groups.

If we’ve got you interested in the prospect of undertaking Tuscany wine tours, then read on to enrich your knowledge on the wine tours conducted in Tuscany.


Tuscany wine tour highlights

  • Chianti wine tour

​This tour will take you on a day long trip into the heart of the area of Chianti Classico—the famous Tuscan red wine.  It will commence with a visit to a medieval castle which is surrounded by Sangiovese vineyards. Here you will also get an opportunity to view the cellars and glean information about Chianti wine. You will also be treated to tasting of different wines produced on the estate.


The group will then be taken to another wine producing estate in the vicinity of the castle and learn about the win making techniques there. Here, you will get to taste two more types of Chianti Classico which will be followed by a Tuscan lunch served to you by the owners of the estate.



  • Wines of Montalcino Tour

This tour provides you with a chance to savor the finest wine of Tuscany. Here you will be taken to the castle of Montalcino where the wine is more rich, dark and concentrated owing to the dry and hot Mediterranean climate of the region. This is the area of the Brunello wine which is around 200 years old. The return trip will take you to the Romanesque Abbey of Sant’Antimo which is more than 1,000 years old.


  • Montepulciano Wine Tour

On this tour you will make a trip to the Montepulciano town in the valley of Val d’Orcia. It has a plethora of medieval alleyways and buildings and churches of the Renaissance era. The prized Nobile di Montepulcino wine is produced here. After a wine tasting excursion you will be treated to a delectable lunch.


In this tour only you will get a chance to visit the town of Pienza which is the birthplace of Pope Pius II. The trip will provide you with an excellent opportunity to explore the town which is considered to be so special.


  • Wine Tasting and Cellar Tour

You can also embark upon a wine tasting and cellar tour which will take you to the heart of Tuscany. The vineyards, castles and centuries-old villas all will offer you a glimpse into their wine making secrets. A visit to the wine cellars, watching a winery and wine tasting all form a part of this little excursion. You will also be treated to the cheeses, olive oil, Tuscan crostini, Grappa, all made in the premises of the castles an wineries.


Undertake any of the Tuscany wine tour and you are bound to come back an expert on wines and impress everyone around with your knowledge. The lush green surroundings and the picturesque environs are sure to leave an impact on you.


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Tuscany Wine Tour