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Singapore Food Tour

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Singapore food Tour is a new dimension to learn about Singapore; it is all about wonderful foods, wine, and their exotic stories. A food tour is not only about enjoying food but the aim of joining a food tour is to know the food culture of a place and to know the city by its culinary map as well. Singapore is an out an out cosmopolitan city therefore international foods as well as varieties of foods are the specialty of this place and Singapore food tour is all about exploring the synchrony of Lion city, Singapore culture out of this variety of foodie-cultures.  


Visit at Glutton’s Bay


Glutton’s Bay has arrangements for every taste bud. There are more or less 12 world-class food places, in fact the option are countless and can make any avid food lovers at fix. Chili Pepper Crabs, Oyster Omelet, Chicken Rice, and Char Kway Teow are the main dishes here which are not only famous they are signature dishes of Singapore food tour. In fact food lovers have accredited that unless on enjoys these food specialties from Glutton By are Singapore culinary tour is never successfully completed.


One of the uniqueness of Singapore Food tour is the list of what to eat is longer than where to eat. Fried Prawn Noodles, Roti Kaya Fondue, BBQ Chicken Wings, Sew An Seafood Cze Cha are some other Singapore food specials; however, relief is almost all the restaurants of Singapore will offer these dished in their menu with good to best preparation.


Singapore Food Tour at Rochester Park Area


Well, to make the Singapore food tour memorable you should not skip Black Pepper Crab; however, God help those who have shell allergy in Singapore because shellfish is the Singapore special items and those who have shell allergy will be deprived from tasting this divine cuisine.


Singapore Restaurants at Old Parliament Doorstep Area


This is not the gateway of a single restaurant but it is a food park of Singapore where you will be able to find three top restaurants of Singapore offering mouthwatering dishes. Thai foods are signature dish of this area. Restaurant 1827 is one of the most popular places for their sumptuous Thai cuisine. All three restaurants offer cordial and relaxing air; apart from Restaurant 1827, other two names are The Art House and Viet Lang.


Next time when you will be visiting Singapore do not miss the Singapore food tour, it will add a new flavor in the vacation.




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Singapore Food Tour