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Boston Food Tour

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Boston may not require any introduction but Boston Food Tour may have; Food tours in Boston are typically inspired by Italian food tradition however world class continental foods and Chinese foods are available here with best quality and satisfying quantity. Boston Foodie tours are not only about food only; these are about learning of food also. For example, and enthusiasts may learn how Italian wine is paired with Italina foods and which foods are better paired with cocktail than pairing with wine. Sounding interesting?

Read on more and feel the aroma of Boston by this Boston food tour outlines here.



Boston Italian Food Tour

Italian foods are special in Boston perhaps due to its proximity with Italian neighborhood. Boston is often cuddles as Little Italy and Italian food culture in Boston are wonderfully cherished and pampered since long. The specialty of Italian Food tours in Boston is

  • Enjoying best baked food in original Italian technique and flavor with amaretti, sfogliatelle, cannoli and other confections
  • Visiting authentic salumeria for finding A-grade Olive oil, salami, cheese, pasta, olive, and Balsamic Vinegar
  • Tour an enoteca to find out how to pick aperitivi to start
  • Enjoying best biscotti of Italian tradition out of Italy
  • Sipping 79-year old coffee



Boston Chinese Food Tour

Surprisingly, Chinese foods in Boston are of excellent quality and quite famous; there are different restaurants with different signature dishes. For example, Qing Dao Garden is famous for its world-class dumplings and Gao's tufu; specifically Jiaodong style of Chinese foods are available here. The restaurant is located at 2382 Mass Ave.

  • The Restaurant, 68 Chinese at 46 Winter street is famous for its Beef Fried Noodles; Chicken Teriyak is also quite popular a dish from this foodie place
  • Those who are connoisseur of original Chinese food should never miss visiting the place Peach Farm located at 4 Tyler Street. It is a wonderful place for family dinner, beer and good quality wines are available here.
  • China Pearl Restaurant, Taiwan Café, Penang, Hei-la-moon are some other places in Boston which can give you the feel of original Chinese flavor to enjoy.


Boston Chocolate Tour

Boston food will surely remain incomplete if you have not taken the chocolate food tour here. The tour is not only about enjoying chocolate and viewing best quality chocolates, it is one of the most delicious ways to feel the Boston’s neighborhoods and perhaps the best exercise to shed off the calories accumulated by consuming these chocolates. The tour discloses the quirky stories about Toll house cookies, Cream Pie, and famous Baker’s chocolate from Boston. You can do a crash course of chocolate and wine pairing here and may learn the tricks of using yummy chocolate for skin care too.


Enjoy Boston Food Tour and explore Boston in its new flavor.

Best of Luck!!!



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Boston Food Tour