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NYC Culinary Travels Series:Featuring Otafuku

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New York City offers countless options for food, with some 50-60 different countries cuisines on sale in the 10,000 plus restaurants/eateries. As for the prices they can range from the absolutely dirt cheap meals (<$5) to the highly super duper expensive meals that can go way north of $400/meal. This is the first in a series of videos that i will be posting in the days to come, featuring little known but hidden gems of new york that offer you some of the best fare at the most unbelievably low prices. At some of these places you could get a full meal for less than $5! These places never feature in your glitzy travel books but are nonetheless as much a part of the new york city experience as Empire State Building!

Today we take a tour of Otafuku (located on 236 E. 9th St.,nr. Second Ave. Ph: 212-353-8503), a small eatery in east village that looks straight out of the streets of tokyo. This place serves exotic and delicious octopus pancakes and tacos that you wont get in any of the trendy sushi bars spotting the city. And yes i did say tacos! What a fusion! Traditional Japanese with mexican flavors. Thats what i call Jap-Mex. Enjoy and watch out for more videos. We will be featuring the winners of the New York city's Vendy awards given to street vendors, small delis and much more. If you have ideas or know of other cool eateries, just mention this as a comment to this post. We will make sure we get it covered.

Video Credits: Producer/Host: Daniel Smith, Shooter/Editor: Vicky kuperman. Shot and also aired in Spring 2005

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NYC Culinary Travels Series:Featuring Otafuku