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About Street Food Varieties in Beijing

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Street Food Varieties in Beijing
China is fast growing nation and so is its food culture. Chinese enjoy food as much as they like technology. Visit a local street in Beijing and you will find a variety of food being enjoyed by the people. Here is a glimpse of the street food in Beijing.

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I have been to China many times over the last 25 years, as I was director of a Chinese company (Taiwanese) and sourced products in free-trade zones, Canton Fair, and visited many country factories for tri-channel avenues-eCommerce/mail order catalog, wholesale, and brick and mortar. The various cooking styles are quite interesting from the almost sweet blandness of Cantonese to the fiiery cuisines of Hunan and Sezhwan. Seafood in Hong Kong is wonderful! Country food can include some unusual "mystery meats" such as armadillo, and various animal "oikey-bits". I never get used to chicken feet for breakfast and intestines. However, I adore Jook or Congee, the delightful morning bowl of rice "soup". China has changed drasticaly in the last 20 years - somethings for the good, but some things are loosing their uniqueness as they strive to become westernized. The children are often obese as they are consuming coke and McDonald's just like American obese children. Very sad! I love the gutteral sounds of Mandarin as spoken in Beijing and further north as in your video. This is an excellent video-did you produce it? Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Hi Shanti, Thanks for your comment. I took this video from website only.
About Street Food Varieties In Beijing Video, Street Food Varieties In Beijing