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How To Make High Gluten Flour

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High gluten flourMany popular baking recipes like whole wheat bread, pizza base and bagels call for high gluten flour. If you are not a regular baker, buying high gluten flour for occasional use could be expensive. Making high gluten flour is easy with addition of gluten or vital wheat gluten to regular flour; it is the best alternative to buying gluten flour, which is 8 times more expensive than regular flour. Let us see how to go about the process...



Difference between High Gluten Flour and Low Gluten Flour

Technically, high gluten flour is high in protein; it is prepared by removing the starch content whereas low gluten flour is high in starch and low in protein. Thus, high gluten flour is mainly used for making low calorie bread for losing weight.

Secondly, high gluten flour has more strength and elasticity. It is ideal for baking recipes that requires the dough to rise and retain air or gas during baking. Thus, addition of high gluten flour makes the baked food soft and spongy.


Tips to Make High Gluten Flour

For home bakers, making high gluten flour is simply done by adding gluten or vital wheatMaking high gluten flour gluten to regular flour. However, it is important to follow certain measurement rules to make perfect high gluten flour.

  • When you have a baking recipe with all-purpose flour and that requires gluten in it, make your flour high gluten flour with the following proportions: Use 1-tablespoon vital wheat gluten for every cup of all-purpose flour and follow the regular high gluten flour recipe.
  • Bread flour is low in gluten, so by adding vital wheat gluten, bread flour can be converted to high gluten flour. 1-2 teaspoon vital wheat gluten to 1 cup bread flour. Mix both of them in their dry state and continue with the rest of the recipe.
  • Rye flour and whole wheat flour are low gluten flour, so while baking with these flours addition of high gluten flour is essential to develop elasticity in the dough. 3 teaspoon vital wheat gluten to 1 cup rye flour or wheat flour. Mix them together and go ahead with the recipe.

Vital wheat gluten is essentially used in baking recipes for making high gluten flour.  It is the most popular ingredient used in baking. It works well with all types of flours including rye and whole grain flours. So next time you need some the above mentioned tips can help you make your own high gluten flour.


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How To Make High Gluten Flour