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Pics of Some Awesome Grub I Have Been Eating Out or Cooking !

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The last few months of summer have been amazing. I had one of the best sublet experiences in stuy town and was quite beset with melancholy when i was moving out . During this time i checked out quite a few places to eat out in east village (alphabet city) and also learnt to cook a bit (read my experiments in the kitchen) Here are some pics.

1. The shrimp dumplings from Vanessa's Dumplings (on 14th and 2nd Ave). Just a delicious mouthful.

Shrimp dumplings at Vanessa's  

 2. The egg benedict at the Yuca Bar (on 7th and Av A) . This place is a must for sunday brunch and the egg benedict is hands down among the best in the city 

Egg Benedict at Yuca Bar

3. Crab in a banana leaf served at esperanto (9th and av C) . This is an awesome appetizer.

Crab meat in a banana leaf 

4. Cod fish cakes at Esperanto . The green sauce is just the perfect for this cake

 Cod fish cakes

5. The Hummus plate at my favorite cafe, B Cup

Hummus with pita at B cup cafe 


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Pics Of Some Awesome Grub I Have Been Eating Out Or Cooking !