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How to make fried turkey egg with spring vegetables

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Chef, restaurateur and writer Mark Hix, (former competitor in Great British Menu) shows how to make fried turkey egg with spring vegetables
Serves 4
Turkey eggs are rather like duck eggs and have a firmer white than a hen’s egg and a much larger yolk so are perfect for egg dishes like this. You can use a selection of seasonal vegetables for this dish depending what’s available, you can remove the outer skins from the broad beans if they are large or I tend to leave the small ones on otherwise you end up buying kilos of broad beans for a couple servings
4 turkey eggs
2tbls rapeseed oil
40g shelled weight of peas, cooked
70-80 podded weight of broad beans, cooked
any other seasonal vegetables like green beans, sprue asparagus, samphire etc
1tbls chopped parsley
80g good quality salted butter
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Heat the rapeseed oil in a small non stick frying pan on a low heat. Crack in the egg, season the white with a little sea salt and cook very gently until the white has just set then transfer to serving plates and keep warm in a very low oven until the rest of the eggs are cooked. Do the same with the rest of the eggs (in a couple of pans at a time preferably) and keep them warm on plates in a very low oven.
Meanwhile melt the butter in another pan and heat the vegetables and parsley and season to taste. Scatter the vegetables and butter over the eggs and serve immediately.

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How To Make Fried Turkey Egg With Spring Vegetables