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How To Make Coconut Oil

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Making coconut oil is an easy process. To make coconut oil you need fully ripe coconuts, water, large container, strainer and sauce pan. Go for the following procedure and extract good quality coconut oil:

Grate the coconut to prepare coconut milkExtracting Coconut Milk

Get a mature and fresh coconut and remove its shell.

After this you need to break the coconut in the middle so that the coconut splits into two halves.

Now, using grating machine grate the coconut meat and place the grated meat in a net bag.

Hold the net bag tightly with your hands to squeeze the coconut milk.Preparing coconut milk

Once you have extracted enough milk from the net, dip the bag in coconut water and squeeze it again to extract more coconut milk.

Repeat the process with all the coconuts that you have to prepare coconut oil.

Making Coconut Oil

Once coconut milk is extracted, you can make coconut oil by two different processes - Natural Fermentation Method & Low Heating Method

Natural Fermentation Method: In this process, coconut milk is mixed with coconut water and kept in a transparent glass jar or bottle. The bottle is kept aside and left to settle at room temperature for not less than 20 hours. Once the mixture settles down you will find three different layers in the jar. Water will settle at the bottom while white protein layer will be at the surface. You will find pale yellow coconut oil floating in between these two layers. You just need to filter the oil and your oil is ready to use.


Low heating of coconut milk mixtureLow Heating Method: In the low heating process, the extracted coconut milk is heated over a low flame. While heating, the mixture is continuously stirred so that it doesn’t settles down. After sometime the mixture starts boiling and it becomes thicker. Gradually, water evaporates from the mixture and oil starts separating from the mixture. The mixture is kept on low fire for some more time till only coconut oil is left behind in the pan. As the oil cools, store it in an air tight container devoid of any moisture.Coconut Oil


In this way you can prepare good quality and fresh coconut oil in your home and use it in cooking, eating and healing various ailments.


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How To Make Coconut Oil