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Travelling To the Caribbean - Sample These Top 10 Caribbean Dishes

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If you are travelling to the Caribbean – sample these top 10 Caribbean dishes and make the best of your Caribbean escapade. This is a pure heaven for the greedyguts, and if you too have a glutton hiding inside your vagabond soul, this is no time to waste. So, if you are travelling to the Caribbean – sample these top 10 Caribbean dishes, which have been selected from each of the top Caribbean tourist destinations! For me, no beach vacation is ever complete without sipping coconut water or sampling a local crab curry under the swaying palms and when it means doing it in these lovely island paradises floating on the Caribbean Sea, I prefer doing it with the most popular Caribbean dishes!


Top 10 Caribbean dishes – what to pick?


While most will advise you to play safe when it comes to experiment with unknown foods, I will wholeheartedly suggest you to be your own artiste. Caribbean drinks and foods are all about plenty of colors and so, risk playing with the new colors and discover the true taste of this carefree land. That means, if you come across the bland looking chicken breast, do not simply label it as "continental." You will not know what you are missing out if you do not have the heart to sample and discover these most popular Caribbean dishes, which are to die for!


  • Mofongo from Puerto Rico- Plantains, beans and rice form the basic framework of the Puerto Rican cuisine, which are prepared in versatile ways. Amongst them, I found the Mofongo to be quite unique, where the green plantains are crushed and mixed with spices and seafood or pork and balled into mofongo.


  • Puerco Asado or Roast Pork from Cuba– The juicy and crispy meat of a whole caramelized pig is not an easy delicacy to find, which is why, this dish makes it to my top 10 Caribbean dishes list without any effort to mention. This succulent roasted meat cooked with orange juice is best tried in a classic Cuban sandwich if not as a standalone platter.


  • Salt Fish and Green Figs from St. Lucia– This is probably the most irresistible dish amongst the most popular Caribbean dishes. A delicious, spicy stew cooked with green figs and shredded cod, this dish tastes like pure heaven!


  • Jerk Chicken from Jamaica– If you have the heart for the spiciest and fieriest of meals, under no circumstances should you miss sampling this delicacy. This dish tells the story of a chicken marinated in a fiery marinade and grilled to the succulence that’s hard to forget.


  • Flying Fish and Macaroni Pie from Barbados– These flavored, golden fried fish fillets served with Bajan macaroni pie are a must try.


  • Crab Callaloo from Dominica– Aha! This one’s a mouthwatering dish where the crab is cooked in a spicy coconut gravy of taro leaves and served over rice or just as a soup.


  • Keshi Yena or Stuffed Cheese from Curacao– One of the most popular Caribbean dishes with legendary value, this dish has evolved as an edam or gouda cheese delicacy with a vegetable or chicken stuffing.


  • Conch Chowder from Grand Cayman– This shell fish dish cooked in a spicy blend of Cayman peppers, tomato and herbs makes you want for more. No wonder, why it landed up in my list of top 10 Caribbean dishes!


  • Shark and Bake from Trinidad– This sandwich is most famously prepared at the picturesque Maracas Beach, where the seasoned and fried shark files are wrapped in  wheat flour rolls, fried and served with a tangy dip.


  • Accras from Martinique– Finally, in this top 10 Caribbean dishes collection we have the cod fritters available in different variations throughout this French island, which are not to be missed at any cost!


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Travelling To The Caribbean - Sample These Top 10 Caribbean Dishes