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From Chicago To Sonoma - 8 Great Culinary Bus Tours

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Culinary tours are in great demand and tour operators are taping this opportunity of providing culinary bus tours from wineries to pizzerias. From Chicago to Sonoma- 8 great culinary bus tours, that are designed perfectly to take gourmet tourists to authentic culinary spots that are not listed on any regular tourist spots. The bus tours from wineries to pizzerias are far away from the tourist traps and yet provide great experience for real gourmet lovers.


From Chicago to Sonoma – 8 great culinary bus tours to take you to the finest of eating and drinking places, exclusively crafted for food buffs.


1. ChicagoPizza Tours
Chicago Pizza tour, only of its kind in Chicago, takes you though the best pizzerias in the neighborhoods of Chicago. A guided bus tour will stop at the best 4 pizzerias for eating, understanding and learning the uniqueness of pizzas at every spot. For more details click on


2. New York’s East Village
A tour to witness the cultural diversity in the city of New York. The tour starts with the oldest bar of the city and takes one to taste dishes from Belgian fries to lychee martini, takoyak- a Japanese appetizer to bon chon-fried chicken in Korean style and desserts in Italian style with cookies or chocolate pudding. For more detailed information, check


3. Hudson Valley Wine Region

Book yourself a guided bus tour to Hudson valley wineries in New York. It’s an adventurous, fun filled and educative wine tour. It will take you through the finest of the wineries in New York. Accompanying culinary chefs make the tour more informative for those who love wines and the art of brewing.  More information can be found at


4. Sonoma Valley Wine Country
A half day tour to the finest breweries in California. For those who love wine, nature’s beauty and have limited time in California must take this tour. Visit the commercial large wineries as well as witness boutique wineries that produce only special wines. The vineyards are beautiful and so is Sonoma, the drive offers excellent views. Details of the tour can be found  on


5. New York’s Chinatown
A taste of Chinese food in New York. Let the bus tour guide you through the best Asian restaurants in New York’s Chinatown. Indulge in a variety of Chinese foods at specialty restaurants only. Try out the Cantonese barbeques, dim sum, Pekingese dumplings, Hongkonger snacks and Taiwanese tea. The list is endless so be prepared to try them all. If you are keen on taking up this tour, then click on


6. Downtown Chicago

A rated culinary tour package, take Downtown Chicago tour to dine at the finest restaurants in Chicago. All three meal courses are offered at different restaurants for an ultimate dining experience. If this is your culinary, then click


7. New York’s Brooklyn
This guided bus tour package takes one through the culinary delights as well as the history and culture of Brooklyn. Need to know more, go to link


8. New York’s West and Greenwich Villages
A culinary bus tour with experts lets you taste delicious food in New York. The main attractions are Mamoun’s Falafel and Mognolia bakery. Try out sandwiches, hotdogs, bagels, pizzas, cupcakes and cannolis. More details of the tour can be found


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From Chicago To Sonoma - 8 Great Culinary Bus Tours