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Cuisine Tours In Mumbai - The New Thing

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Cuisine tours in Mumbai – the new thing for gourmet tourists coming to India especially for experiencing the varied culinary delights which cannot be found anywhere else. Mumbai food tour are meant to deliver culinary experiences straight from the local areas of Mumbai where one can dine, learn, experience cooking or just watch as the dish makes it way from the kitchen to the dining table. Real gourmet buffs like to experience everything that is related to a cuisine, from shopping at local markets to how to serve and what to serve with a particular dish. So if you fall in this category of tourist who loves to experience Indian way of cuisine, here are a couple of Mumbai food tours to guide you through.


Masala Meanders

Masala Meanders is a local food tour that will take you through the streets of Mumbai for a culinary experience. A newly launched tour, it is all set to take tourists on its very first guided cuisine tour on 20th of November 2010. The focus will be on tasting popular foods sold on the pavements of Mumbai, experiencing dishes like pav bhaji, pani puri, sev puti and many more. A walk through the Grant street will take one across all kinds of Indian spices, Gujarati snacks, fasting foods, cooking utensil and finally a traditional Gujarati meal or thali to dine. The tour will end with a demo of cooking recipes, however this is optional based on the interests of tourists.


This tour is scheduled for every third Saturday of the month and patrons also have the option of customizing the tour based on their interest in a particular cuisine.


Mumbai Magic
Mumbai Magic cuisine tour is available at your convenience, any day of the week and anytime of the day. This guided tour starts with a visit to the local food market for a walk though Indian ingredients, vegetables and mainly spices. The tour will take visitors to an Indian home for a three course meal, dining in Indian style. If you wish you can get your hands to experiment Indian cooking or just watch the beauty of cooking Indian recipes which is unique in itself. Of course you get to enjoy a traditional meal with an Indian family where everything is traditional and Indian.


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Cuisine Tours In Mumbai - The New Thing