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Size Matters

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The Health-Conscious Consumer:
Portion Size Matters

Portion Control or size does matter is key to maintaining or loosing weight.  Have you noticed the 100 calorie per packets of crackers, cookies, iec creams etc. on the market today.

The current portion control trend hit the market notably with the introduction of Nabisco's 100 Calorie Pack intro in 2005. In its first year, that item was #4 on IRI's list of New Product Pacesetters, with $123 million in sales.1

Pepperidge Farm successfully debuted its Goldfish 100-calorie pouches in early 2006, joining Frito-Lay, General Mills, Keebler, Kellogg and others with portion control snack offerings.

Good news has continued for the trend: dollar sales for 100 calorie snacks grew 56 percent in the 52-week period ending in Nov., 2007.2  And similar growth rates are being seen in the ice cream and candy categories, across all channels.

The principle at work here is to demonstrate in clear terms to health-conscious consumers that products can fit into a balanced diet, if consumed in moderation. The soup category is a natural for this approach - within the lighter soup segment, Campbell has over 80 SKUs that are 100 calories or less per serving.

"Portion control is clearly important to the consumer given the in-market success of 100 calorie packs and other efforts," says Chris Slager, Vice President - Lighter Soups, Campbell USA. "Soup has always been viewed by the consumer as 'good food'. By clearly calling out calorie count on packaging and in-display, the consumer can easily see where Campbell's soups will fit into their diet, regardless of the weight loss plan they are following."

Driving Awareness
In 2008, Campbell will drive home the portion control soup message with consumer print campaigns, checkout couponing, FSIs and numerous POS programs for retail partners. The pervasive message: "Why sacrifice taste? Try one of Campbell's varieties that are low in fat and under 100 calories."

Only issue with these 100 calorie snacks is that the fat grams can still be high or the sodium levels above what you need.  Be sure and read those labels on everything!

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Size Matters