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Top 5 Gourmet Destinations Of The World

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Do you think only Top 5 Gourmet Destinations Of The World would be enough to satisfy you? Well, let me tell you that once you get to know what culinary delights are available to you around the globe, you will not be able to resist yourself from getting on a world tour, just to sample these scrumptious delicacies. Here’s Top 5 Gourmet Destinations Of The World Top 5 Gourmet Destinations Of The World
1. Napa Valley--  Are you on a look out for a perfect food and wine combination? Go to Napa Valley, California. Here great food follows great wine!  The cuisine has a persona of its own paving its way to my list of top 10 gourmet cities of the world. With Pan-Pacific cuisine perfectly blended with locally grown ingredients the food at Napa Valley is not only delicious but also unique.
2. Tokyo-- I am always amazed by variety of food in Tokyo. Any true foodie has at least tried Japanese food once, and the best Japanese cuisine in the world can be found in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. The capital offers a multitude of dining options from street vendors to five star restaurants.
Some signature dishes are sushi, monjayaki, a gooey, cabbage-filled version of okonomiyaki that uses a very thin batter to achieve a sticky, caramelized consistency.
3. Paris-- It’s is one of Europe's culinary centres mainly focusing on regional specialities and also offering a creative mélange of French and exotic foreign cuisines. Crepes, baguettes, coq au vin, cassoulet, quiche Lorraine, bouillabaisse, fondue, ratatouille, croissants and other pastries, as well as delicacies like fois gras, escargot, frog’s legs and caviar are a must have if love French cuisine.
For a foodie who wants to take a tasting trip around the world, Paris is probably the best choice
4. Sydney-- The Australian’s passion for food is well known across the globe and it’s this devotion to their gastronomy that makes Australian cuisine one of the best in the world. In Australia each region has its own unique dishes depending on what is grown locally. However, seafood is always a good choice in Sydney.
Indonesian, Thai and Japanese food and fusions are very popular here. So you can go for these cuisines when you visit Sydney. I specially like the aboriginal food and fusions there.
The food in Sydney is a visual feast. Even a simple dish looks like a piece of art.
5. Honolulu (U.S.A.)-- Well, I think of Hawaii, the images of a tropical island paradise and the Hawiian cuisine come to mind right away. It’s a real treat!  Lau Lau (pork chicken or vegetables steamed in a pouch of ti leaves), Lomi Salmon, Butterfish, Poke (a raw ahi tuna salad) and Poi (a dish made with mashed taro) are some popular dishes here.
Try to combine your food with breathtaking views of the Honolulu beaches – some restaurants in Honululu has it all!
That’s about it. I will be back with more gourmet destinations of the world. Till then stay tuned : ) bon appetite!

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Top 5 Gourmet Destinations Of The World