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How to make peameal bacon

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If you are confused about how to make peameal bacon then let me tell you that peameal bacon is the same as Canadian bacon with one small difference. It is not smoked. It is simply the cured meat. When you learn how to make peameal bacon, you will also see that you need to coat this meat with yellow corn meal and that’s how it gets its name. Though making peameal bacon is quite simple, it calls for close observation of the temperature.
You need:
For making peameal bacon you will need 25 lbs of boneless pork loins, 2 lbs of non iodized salt, 1/2 lb. of sugar, 1/2 oz. of saltpeter (potassium nitrate) dissolved in 3 pints water.peameal-bacon
Here’s how to make peameal bacon
First, trim the boneless meats and slice them 12-14" lengthwise. Now, chill the pork loins at 34 degrees. Then place the meat in a container containing 1 1/3 gallon of water. The temperature of the water mustn’t be any more than 38 degrees F. To get this temperature mix the 3 pint solution and 8 pounds ice into the water. Make sure that no part of the meat sticks out above the water surface. Maintain this temperature for 3 weeks at a stretch. On the 5th and then again the 15th day, remove the meats. Stir the brine very well and then return the loins to the brine placing them on their opposite faces both the times. After the completion of 3 weeks, remove the meat and wash it thoroughly with water and pat dry. Store it in a cool dry place for 2 to 4 days and then rub fresh yellow corn meal all over it.
That makes up your peameal bacon. You can cook it immediately or store it at 34 to 40 degrees for several weeks.
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How To Make Peameal Bacon