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Jean-Talon Market, Montreal

The Jean-Talon Market in Montreal may not be as chic as the other markets around, but it offers the right value for money. It is an authentic marketplace that offers its visitors a rich market experience. The Jean –Talon Market is equally famous amongst both, the Montreal residents and tourists. The market gives a genuine range of products at nominal prices, so make sure that you arrive here with an appetite.



Whether you wish to take your lunch or buy a delectable Montreal souvenir, Jean-Talon Market is the right place for you.


Food in the Market:

  • The market is loaded with taste testers. You will also find several kiosks that offer tasty items like chips or onion bhaji.
  • Harve aux Glaces offers unique frozen desserts.
  • Some Jean-Talon merchants, like Boucherie les Fermes Saint-Vincent, have been growing and selling organic food.
  • Olive &Épices offers tastes of its unique spices and oils.
  • Apart from these, the market features maple syrup makers, wine shops, chocolatiers, fromageries, bakeries, sushi and much more.


The Jean-Talon Market is located in the south of Jean-Talon St. and remains open all 7 days of a week. The market opens at 8: 00 am everyday but closes on different timings. The market closes at 6:00 pm on Monday to Wednesday and Saturday, 8:00 pm on Thursday to Friday and 5: 00 pm on Sunday.  

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Jean-Talon Market, Montreal