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Tofu Omelette

Tofu omelette is a protein-rich omelette consisting of tofu and beaten egg as the central ingredients. It is called protein-packed dish as both egg and tofu are the major sources of protein that help in strengthening the body muscles. Therefore, this omelette is also considered highly suitable for body-builders to improve their stamina as well as muscle strength.

Tofu being one of the main foods of lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet makes tofu omelette a well-liked dish for lacto-ovo vegetarians. Cooking of this omelette is also quite effortless as it requires minimal ingredients and simple methods like frying.

Tofu Omelette Recipe Overview

Medium firm tofu is suitable for preparing tofu omelette, as after frying, the tofu remains slightly soft with little crunchiness.

Spring onions, garlic, bell pepper and spinach are the commonly used omelette stuffing along with soy sauce, chili sauce, black pepper, salt and herbs as the flavor enhancers.

To begin with the preparation of Tofu omelette, the tofu is cut into small cubes and stir-fried in oil or butter until slightly golden,crispy but soft. Garlic, onion and other ingredients are then added to the pan and stir-fried for few minutes followed by pouring of beaten egg. The egg is cooked from underneath until fully browned and then flipped for browning of other side. A wooden spatula is used for proper flipping of omelette without breaking the egg.

Once the omelette is cooked from both the sides, it is folded and served immediately.

Serving and Eating of Tofu Omelette

Tofu omelette is served at the beginning of the day as a healthy breakfast food, but it is a very popular brunch dish as well, along with toasted bread and strawberry jam. Sachimi powder and ketchup may also be sprinkled over the hot omelette while serving.