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Sweet Omelette

Sweet Omelette is a dessert or breakfast dish which is mainly prepared using eggs. It resembles a pancake or crepe but it doesn’t contain flour or any other raising constituent like baking powder. The omelettes are but thinly rolled and sweetened by rolling over sugar, fruit mix or syrup. Some recipes suggest filling these omelettes with different stuffings.

Omelettes are of French origin and most of them are made up of egg batter and milk and are fried in traditional pans. The omelettes are mostly used as staple breakfast foods throughout the world. The sweetened omelette is mostly served as a fun dish and is also favorably recommended to those who are on low carbohydrate diet. The main difference between the savory and sweet forms of omelette lies in the handling of egg whites and yolks. The egg whites and yolks are handled in a very unique way to produce light and fluffier omelette.

Sweet Omelette Recipe: Ingredients and Method of Preparation
Eggs, butter, sugar and milk are required to prepare this omelette. The eggs are broken and combined with sugar. The butter is heated in frying pan and egg mixture is poured over it. The omelette is cooked over low heat until it turns crispy golden brown. Then, it is topped with traditional toppings such as powdered sugar, lemon juice and oranges. Sometimes toppings of clotted cream, bananas and maple syrup are also added over the sweet omelette.

Some sweet omelette recipe variants suggest using castor sugar and half a gill of cream for extra smoothness. They also suggest rolling the omelette in apricot powder or spreading little jam over it. Sometimes wild berries like raspberries are also added to the recipe. As a refinement, small amount of liquor like Grand Mariner or crème de cassis is added to the yolks before combining it with whites.

Eating and Serving Sweet Omelette
The sweet omelette is good to be served with vanilla sauce after sprinkling it with powdered sugar.