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Beef Omelette

Beef omelette is a kind of meat omelette that is typically prepared by adding beef to the beaten egg. However, other meats, vegetables and flavorings may also constitute the major elements of this omelette.

Beef is added to the egg in different forms: corned beef, braised or grilled beef or simply minced beef. Beef is a tough meat,therefore prior cooking is extremely necessary.

Both beef and egg are considered high protein foods hence beef omelette is a protein-rich dish that is higher in calories as well.

Beef Omelette Recipe Overview

Beef omelette is effortlessly made with the use of several flavorful ingredients such as chopped or sliced onion, minced garlic, chopped tomatoes, cubed potatoes(quite often), chopped bell pepper and grated ginger.

Soy sauce, black pepper, white sugar, bay leaf, salt and herbs like oregano, basil, thyme and dill are used as flavor enhancers.

If minced beef is being used, it should be browned prior to the actual omelette cooking. The browned beef is then added to the beaten egg. All the other ingredients are also sautéed in the pan and added to beef and egg mixture. While the pan is still hot, the egg mixture is poured over it and allowed to cook underneath. For proper browning from both the sides, the omelette is flipped in the pan and other side is also cooked until brown. Shredded cheese is one of the most popular topping for almost all kind of omelettes, hence a layer of cheese is spread over the omelette before serving and is allowed to melt.

For braised beef, the meat is cut into small cubes and slow-cooked with spices until tender. Braising is the best method to cook the meats as it helps in retaining the juices within the meat. Braised beef is shredded and added to the beaten egg just before cooking or it can be spread over the egg while top of the omelette is still runny. Similarly, corned beef is also shredded and used.

Leftover beef, cooked in sauces, can also be incorporated inbeef omelette. Although pan-frying is considered the most popular methods to cook this omelette, the baking method is also equally favored.

Serving and Eating of Beef Omelette

This omelette is a filling start for the day along with toasted bread and light salad. Beef Omelette can either be served folded or flat that can be cut into wedges.