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Organic Sesame Oil

Organic sesame oil is the oil extracted by cold pressing the sesame seeds which helps the oil in retaining its nutritive value, flavor and color. The oil of sesame seeds through this method is extracted from the plants that are grown in natural conditions i.e. without the use of any chemicals or additives and thus, is free of trans fatty acids, hexane molecule and farm chemicals. The oil is best suited for Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine and contains a nutty flavor. Also, the oil derived is in its purest form and is a better form when compared to the oil produced commercially.

Organic Sesame Seed Oil Production

The seeds of sesame that are raw and untoasted are cold pressed at low temperatures. These seeds are free of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Very less oil is derived from the seeds through cold pressing.

Organic Sesame Oils Vs. Conventional Sesame Oils

  • Nutrition, flavor and color-Organic oil is unrefined oil which is pressed and bottled and therefore the oil retains its nutrients, taste and color. The oil is richer in all these three aspects when compared to conventional sesame oil.
  • Sesamol Content- Organic sesame oil is richer in sesamol content when compared to the conventional sesame oil. Sesamol is an antioxidant compound which is beneficial for the human body.
  • Ensures Full Bodied Taste- Organic oil of sesame seeds provides a full bodied flavor to the dishes when compared to conventional oils.
  • Cost- Since organic oil extracted from sesame seeds is in its purest form and is derived in low quantities; it is costlier than commercially produced oils.

Benefits: Organic Sesame oils

Culinary benefits

For salad dressings- The organic oil of sesame seeds is normally used to prepare salad dressings. Ginger and apple cider vinegar dressing is one of the dressings that make use of this healthy oil.

Stir fried preparations- The organic oil of sesame seeds when used for making stir fried dishes, adds to the taste and color of the dish.

Health benefits

Skin care- The oil of sesame seeds is used in many skin care lotions and creams. The oil provides relief in rashes and bruises.

Prevents aging- The oil when applied, penetrates in the skin and diminish the oxygen radicals; which in turn prevents aging signs.

Cures gingivitis- The oil is beneficial in treating gingivitis as it helps killing the harmful bacteria which causes it.

Reduces serum cholesterol- Since the oleic acid content is high in organic sesame oil, the oil is effective in reducing serum cholesterol.