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Organic Castor Oil

Organic castor oil is the oil derived from castor beans through the method of cold pressing. Though the oil is derived commercially also with the use of heat and chemicals, the cold pressing process ensures the production of oil which is better in quality. The oil produced is dark green in color, thick and has a strong odor. The extraction of the oil from castor beans was initially done in India and West Indies, however in the present times, United States and Hawaii also undertake its production.

History Of Castor Oil

The plant of castor was known in ancient Rome period and was known as Palma Christi. Approximately 4, 000 castor beans have been found in the tombs of Egypt. In 1562, castor was cultivated in England and there is a historical record to this fact. The medicinal benefits of this oil are being availed of in Egypt, Persia, Africa, China, Greece and Rome since thousands of years.

Medicinal Use Of Organic Castor Oils

  • Curing constipation- The oil derived from castor beans is very effective in curing severe constipation. The oil is being used as a remedy for constipation since thousands of years and is used even in the modern times. The oil works as an efficient laxative which facilitates the bowel movements.

  • Anti-inflammatory- The oil of castor beans contains ricinoleic acid which provides the body with anti-inflammatory benefits. The oil is therefore ideal for massaging and works for those suffering from arthritis, sore muscles and nerve inflammation.

  • Skin care- Castor oil helps in keeping the skin moisturized as its regular application leads to collagen production that helps in keeping the skin hydrated. The oil also helps in making the skin look nourished, flawless and wrinkle free and treats burns, cuts, sun burns and eczema.

  • Relief from insomnia- The organic castor oil helps in distressing and thus is a cure for insomnia.

  • Provides relief to women- The oil works as a wonder drug for easing the pain during menstrual pain and cramps. It also provides relief from vaginal infections and urinary tract infections.

Culinary Use Of Organic Castor Oils

  • Food additives and flavorings- The oil is used in various flavoring agents and food additives and thus enhances the taste of many dishes.

  • Cocoa Butter substitute-The oil is used to make PGPR (polyglycerol polyricinoleate) which works as a substitute for cocoa butter during the production of chocolate.

Other Use Of Oil Derived From Castor Beans

  • Cosmetics- The oil is used as one of the ingredients in lipsticks, bath oils, shaving creams, lotions and face masks.

  • Soap manufacturing- The castor bean oil is used in various light colored soaps and helps in treating various skin infections.

  • Aromatherapy- Castor oil is widely used for aromatherapy due to its skin benefits and anti-inflammatory properties..

Precautions To Be Taken While Using Castor Oil

The oil derived from castor seeds irritates the eyes just like the pepper spray and therefore should be handled with care. The organic castor oil should be kept out of the reach of children.