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Cashew Oil

Cashew oil or cashew nut oil is the oil derived from cashews and is used as an edible oil. Within the cashew apple, lies the kernel known as cashew, pressing which the oil is released. The oil from the nut tastes sweet, is odorless, and light yellow in color. Cashew oil can be stored for a good time as the oil does not easily get stale.

Method Of Production- Cashew Nut Oil

To process the oil, the cashew kernels are pressed to extract a good quality edible oil. Cashew apples, the fruit from cashew trees, are picked, dried and then shelled. The shelling is a process done manually and prior to it the apples are segregated as per their size and steam cooked in a boiler. Then the shells are taken off and kernels are dried. The skin is removed from the nuts either by knife or by rubbing with hands. The nuts are then pressed and the oil is extracted by pressing with a hydraulic press.

Composition-Cashew Nut Oil

The cashew nut oil is rich in vitamin E and contains unsaturated fatty acids. Some of the fatty acids that are present in the oil are Palmitic acid, Margaric acid, Oleic acid, Linoleic acid.The oil also contains minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron and is a rich source of proteins.

Cashew Oil Benefits

Medicinal uses- The oil is rich in medicinal properties and is used for preventing and curing kidney problems, eczema, arthritis and rheumatism.

Cosmetics- The oil, being rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids is used in cosmetics. The oil is helpful in retaining skin moisturizer and prevents aging.

Culinary uses- The oil due to its high oleic content is one of the premium edible oils. The proteins and carbohydrates make the oil a good source of nourishment.

Antifungal- Cashew oil is used as an antifungal and gives immense relief to cracked heels.