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Tombo Tuna Poached in Olive Oil

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The method is basic. Infuse some garlic and herbs in a nice olive oil, and then gently poach the spice-rubbed tuna in this delicious bath. I cooked mine sort of medium-rare-medium, so there was a bit of pink inside. But, if you like you tuna cooked all the way through, that’s OK, you’re not a bad person. As you watch this recipe don’t worry about all that oil, since it’s just used to cook the fish in, and very little actually makes it onto the plate. Another trick with this method is to add the tuna to the hot oil, and then just turn it off and let it cool in the infused olive oil. You can then store the tuna and oil in the fridge and use it to crumble over a salad. You may never use canned tuna again! This is referred to as “tuna confit” by some. By the way, Tombo tuna is also known as Albacore, which is the type of tuna most commonly canned. It’s also easier to find, and cheaper, than Ahi, which is that dark red fleshed tuna you’ve seen me use before.
For recipe ingredients, please refer to the video.

For recipe directions, please refer to the video.

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Main Dish
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10 Minutes
Most of us associate the word “poaching” with gently simmering tender fish in stock or wine. Learn a new culinary technique with Chef John, as he teaches us a restaurant-style method of poaching tuna in herb and garlic infused olive oil. This oil cooked fish is so much similar to canned fish but so much better. You will never used canned tuna again.

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can you reuse the left over herb oil?
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I think, if it is the case with other vegetable oils, it is not recommended to reuse them, may be not more than 2-3 times. But, if it's a good herb oil, i think it is ok to reuse it. One thing you can make sure is to keep changing the lid of the container you store the reused herb oil; you see jars with replacement lids are available! This is all what I know, hope this has been helpful! :)
Tombo Tuna Poached In Olive Oil Recipe Video