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Victoria food comprises culinary preparations from either of following locations:

  1. The Canadian city of Victoria, capital of British Columbia
  2. The Australian state of Victoria

Victoria Foods- A Culinary Overview of the Capital City of British Columbia

Victoria food is predominantly English though one gets to see considerable influences of the Vancouver and other West Coast cuisines.

Victoria Meal Customs-Traditionally, the inhabitants of the city follow an English meal plan which features a sumptuous breakfast , a light lunch and dinner. A highlighted course is the afternoon tea for which the cuisine of the city is popularly known.

Victoria Afternoon Tea- Introduced in the mid-eighteenth century in the aristocratic society to compensate for the lingering hunger following the light lunch, this course comprised tea and snacks. This high tea culture was introduced by the Duchess of Bedford, Anna, who had tea with bread, butter and cakes in the evening at 17:00 hrs. to satiate her hunger after a typically light English lunch. This English tradition continues strongly even to this day in Victoria.

Popular Victoria Restaurants

Victoria is a city with a much evolved restaurant industry. The city has restaurants catering to different classes of diners, ranging from the casual enthusiasts to gourmets in search of novelty and excellence. The Victoria food served in the restaurants not only comprises local Canadian foods but also those from other cuisines of the world, such as, the African and Middle Eastern, Cantonese, Caribbean, Czechoslovakian, Japanese, European and First Nations cuisines.

Strathcona Hotel- This food venue, of historical significance, is a place where one can expect to taste the best of authentic traditional Victoria foods. Established in 1949 in the core of downtown Victoria, this restaurant is often highlighted when it comes to fine dining and lodging with good recreational facilities.

Best Victoria Afternoon Tea Joints – The traditional high tea can be tasted in restaurants at Abkhazi Gardens, Adrienne’s Tea Gardens, Butchart Tea Gardens and Glendale’s Gardens. The Fairmont Empress Hotel and White Heather Tea Room at the Butchart Gardens are known to serve the best versions of the traditional tea.

Victoria Wines- Apart from tea, Victoria is also known for its wines. The Southern Vancouver region, the second major contributor of wine in British Columbia, is home to a number of superior aromatic wines made from the most popular grape varieties, such as, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It is also reputed for its aromatic wines made from rare grape varieties, such as, the Agria.

Victoria Foods- A Brief Overview of the Features of the Cuisine of the Australian State

Victoria, Australia, is firstly known for its wines. The region has bistros, cafés and restaurants which are worth visiting by tourists. The Yarra Valley and Rutherglen wine regions have carved a niche for themselves in the global wine world. Melbourne is known for its cafes. Some of the best cafes to visit there are :

  • Journal Canteen, Barista’s 101 and Breadwell on Flinder’s Lane
  • Piadina Slow Food on Lonsdale Street
  • Degraves Espresso Bar on Degraves Street.

Victoria Food Festivals

Wine and Food events constitute an important part of the food culture of the Australian state. Good Food and Wine Show, Heathcote Wine and Food Festival, Beechworth Harvest Celebration, and the Yerra Valley wine festival are, to name, a few of such events where the Australians celebrate with the best of Victoria Food and wine annually.


Victoria(BC) Restaurants

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