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Tuvalu food is considerably different from the standard International fare and depicts the culture of the Central Pacific region. Known as the smallest nation of the world, its geographical location in between Hawaii and New Zealand has helped Tuvalu to earn the tag of being a tourist’s paradise.

The island is surrounded by coconut groves making the fruit one of the chief staples of the nation. Almost all dishes make use of coconut milk including the desserts that are prepared during festive occasions. Fish is the main food of the region simply because of its easy availability in the Pacific Ocean.

Pork is the standard meat consumed along with a few local vegetables. Smoked ham is considered to be a delicacy of the region with almost all the dishes being highly spiced. Plantains, breadfruit and taro are plentiful with uu, the coconut crab and ula, a type of crayfish being used in every day cooking.

The influence of British cuisine is obvious in Tuvalu as it had been a part of the British Kingdom during its colonial days.

Popular Recipes of Tuvalu Cuisine

  • Palusami- Laulo, the leaf of taro cooked with coconut cream and onions after being wrapped in banana leaves which is usually served with breadfruit.
  • Kaleva and Koa- the local toddies prepared by fermenting coconut juice.
  • Pulaka- A dish prepared from swamp taro which can be eaten either boiled or fried. It is also sweetened with sugar and eaten as a pudding.

Places Famous for Tuvalu Foods

  • Funafuti Restaurant- The restaurant located within the premises of the only hotel in the island, it serves local food along with standard dishes of International cuisine.