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Palau food is predominantly Micronesian food, although the country is virtually overridden with restaurants serving every kind of international dish imaginable. Located in the Western Pacific region, the island of Palau enjoys a high number of tourists every year which accounts for the varied cuisine available all across the region.

The main crop cultivated all throughout Palau is known as "taro" while sweet potatoes, tapioca and breadfruit are utilized to prepare staple dishes in the area. Fish is the most important food on the island due to its proximity to the sea. Pork and rice, eaten regularly, also make up an integral part of the Palauan cuisine. However, the younger generation prefers Western style meals and the fast food culture is growing in the region.

Korean, Chinese and Indian cuisines have also gained ground and the tourists to the capital island of Koror usually opt for variety. Local food is rarely served on the island. The numerous Filipino workers of the island have also introduced local food from the Philippines.

Popular Recipes from Palau Cuisine

  • Tinola- A ginger based soup containing chicken pieces and chunks of green papaya.
  • Ulkoy- Deep fried fritters made with shrimps and squash.
  • Lumpiang shanghai- a pork based dish that can also be prepared with minced pork meat.
  • Pichi-pichi- a dessert item made from cassava and coconut.
  • Halo-halo- A cold concoction containing milk, coconut, plantains, jackfruit and yams.

Places Famous for Serving Palau Dishes

Dockside restaurant, housed within the Landmark Marina Hotel, is famous for its huge breakfast buffets that include dishes from all over the world besides the local traditional fares. The purple colored coconut cake and stir fry veggies are considered to be the signature dishes.


The fruit bat soup is a traditional Palau food that has received a lot of criticism from the animal lovers around the world.