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Mudgee Wine

Mudgee Wine refers to the wine produced in the Mudgee wine region of Australia. Mudgee wine is notable for its boutique wines. The region produces about 26,000 tonnes in a 3,300 ha area and there are about 160 wine grape growers in the region. Home to some of the finest Australian wines, the region is known mostly for its highly sophisticated Cabernet Sauvignon wine which is characterized by its intricate flavors and the ageing capacity.

This wine of the region is also known for its high concentrations. Along with Shiraz and Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon has gained good reputation for its full-bodiedness. Viognier, Verdelho and Petit Verdot are the other wines that are grown in this region. The concept of organic wine, which was created in this region, is a novel feature of this region, Botobolar, the first vineyard for producing organic wines being established in this region in 1971. Apart from its wines, the region is well known for its scenic beauty which is also greatly responsible for its large wine touring industry.

History of Mudgee Wineries

The commercial production of Mudgee wine started in 1860 mostly with German immigrants, the immigration of the whites starting from 1820. The first of the Mudgee wineries of the modern times was established in the 1970 with a number of small vineyards and wineries. Rosemount Estate and Orlando Wyndham are the earliest wineries of the region. The region has seen good growth in its wine industry since then and at present it has about 35 wineries which are flourishing in their wine businesses.

Popular Mudgee Wineries

Established since 1858 by German Vignerons, Mudgee Wine Industry veterans, the Bocholt, Roth and Kurtz are still practicing viticulture and winemaking in the region through their descendents who are successfully practicing their inherited business. The Kurtz Erunderee Vineyard is credited with producing the first Chardonnay of Australia. The region, though known for its red wines now, has also produced some worthy white wines including the varietal wines of Spanish and Italian types.

Some of the famous wineries producing Mudgee wine are namely:

• Andrew Harris Vineyard- a 1991 established vineyard which is the most coveted brands of the region

• Blue Wren Wines- a 1991 established vineyard which has produced award winning wines which include the Gold Medal Shiraz.

• Botobolar Vineyard- which is credited to be the pioneer of organic wines. The name of Broombee also should not miss a mention as it produces 100 % certified organic wine.