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Cassava Ball

Cassava ball is a traditional African dish which consists of fritters made of cassava. These balls are also known by other names of cassava, such as yuca balls or manioc balls. These balls are usually small in shape and are crispy from outside but soft and chewy from within.

Cassava ball recipe is also quite popular in Indonesian cuisine, Thai cuisine and Indian cuisine.

Ingredients and Preparation

Typically the ingredients used for cassava ball recipe include cassava, oil, garlic, onion, mixed vegetables, spices, herbs and seasonings. The usage of ingredients for making these balls except cassava varies and they are meant to add a better flavor to the balls.

Cassava balls are also made sweet and the ingredients which are commonly used to make them include cinnamon, cream, sugar, clove and jaggery.

To prepare cassava balls, the root is first steamed and mashed well. The other ingredients are mixed to it and small balls are formed. These balls are rolled over bread crumbs or chopped nuts depending on whether savory or sweet cassava balls are made. Once ready, these balls are fried or baked until golden.


Cassava balls are usually served as an appetizer or a dessert. When prepared as savory treat, these balls are accompanied by dips and sauces. Soups and breads pair well with cassava balls.

When served as a dessert, cassava balls are topped with chopped nuts, chocolate chips or whipped cream.


  • Muchines de Yuca โ€“ These are a popular appetizer of Ecuador and usually consist of stuffed and fried cassava balls. These balls make an amazing party food and are usually accompanied by small amount of aji hot pepper sauce.

  • Cheesy Cassava Ball โ€“ this cassava ball recipe is quite popular in parts of Southern America where the cassava is first boiled and peeled and then rolled in cheese. Bread crumbs are also used to make the balls crunchy and once fried; they are served hot with cheese sauce.

  • Mun Ping โ€“ Mun Ping is a traditional thai dessert which means grilled sweet Cassava ball. Cassava being a primary crop of Thailand it is a predominant ingredient in the Thai cuisine. Cassava starch is cooked well with sugar, coconut milk, egg yolks and butter until gluey. Once done, balls are made and baked until golden. Sweet cassava balls are often served with tea or coffee.