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Wedding food is referred to the special dishes made at the wedding reception of any couple. Wedding is one of the most important events of one’s life hence the wedding recipes should compliment the happiness and grandeur of the event. Wedding menu should comprise of the dishes that add to the enjoyment and fun associated with the wedding. Usually, the wedding food consists of the recipes that belong to the religion and tradition of both the members of the couple. One of the most popular wedding recipes includes the wedding cake, which is must for every wedding. A perfect assortment of liquor, finger foods, side dishes, main dishes and desserts is very necessary for a perfect wedding.

Traditional Wedding Recipes and Food Menu

Wedding food menu is usually; based on the traditional and regional dishes and every region has its own wedding recipes. Some wedding recipes include dishes from all over the world such, as popular dishes from all international cuisines are included in the menu. Such weddings are grand affairs. Generally, every wedding menu starts with finger foods or snacks such as cutlets, finger chips, sweet snacks or cookies. Wine, champagne and other alcoholic drinks are quite popular in almost all weddings. Some special cocktails are prepared specially to cater to the needs of the wedding guests. Various styles of wedding cakes are available to choose from. Soups, hot and cold beverages also comprise the wedding food menu. In Indian weddings, various sweets such as kachori, samosa, beasn ke sev and laddo are made in advance and served when guests arrive. Pickles and chutneys are also quite popular among the Indian wedding guest.

The main dishes include meat, vegetable as well as rice dishes along with condiments and a variety of breads. Every traditional/formal wedding has three-course meal menu hence the last course includes several desserts that consists of some regional sweet dishes such as sandesh in Indian wedding, and wheel cake in polish wedding.

Significance of Wedding Dishes

Wedding is a bonding between two people, two families and two religions hence it is very necessary to make this bonding a complete memorable affair by serving those dishes that are popular and common between both the religions. In some parts of world, wedding recipes are almost fixed for all occasions and it is believed that these dishes bring happiness and prosperity in the life of the wedding couple.

Modern Wedding Recipes and Their Variations

Wedding recipes have changed a lot since the olden times. Earlier, wedding cakes were used to be simple but now style has changed. Theme weddings have replaced the tradition weddings hence wedding recipes are also customized according to the theme. Two-tier and three-tier cakes are very popular in modern weddings. Salads with various vegetable carvings are quiet famous wedding dishes. Cocktails served at the modern wedding have also undergone a significant change. Earlier snacks were fried but now due to health dangers baked and steamed snacks are prevalent in wedding food menu. Main course often includes dishes that are popular in world cuisines. Chinese, Thai, Indian, continental and fusion recipes are having great importance in grand wedding food.

Customary Way of Serving Wedding Dishes

Wedding is a very formal kind of event that involves proper layout of dishes along with cutlery and napkins. Bride and Groom’s family members gather around the dinner table to have food along with Bride and Groom. There is a custom in many religions that Bride and Groom should share food in a single plate.

In most of the weddings, buffet is lay down. Guests serve food on their own from the dishes placed on large tables.

Wedding Food Trivia

• Queen Victoria’s wedding cake was served at the time of breakfast and it weighed around 300 pounds.