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Valentines Day

Valentine's Day food comprises foods that are specifically eaten on the special occasion of Valentine Day that is celebrated on 14th February as the day of ‘Romantic Love’ across the world. Couples gift each other’s favorite items and a major part of it includes delicious foods like chocolates and other confectionary. The lovers eat delicious dishes made with foods with aphrodisiacal properties such as honey, oysters, avocado, bananas, almonds and asparagus.


Valentine's Day Food, the food of lovers, seems to have its origin in the tragic love story of Valentine, a physician who made medicines tasty for his patient, a blind girl by mixing them with honey, spices and herbs. He fell in love with her but their affair ended abruptly on 14th of February in the 3rd century, when Valentine had to kiss death for his religious views. He sent a note to his lover signed as “from your valentine”, which she read with her own eyes owing to recovery of her eyesight by his treatment. Pope Gelasius canonized Valentine and 14th February is celebrated in his remembrance as Valentine’s Day.

The worship of Faunus, the Roman God of fertility and childbirth, on 15th of February included the custom of young girls writing romantic letters to young men who would court them.

Traditional Valentine’s Day Foods

Traditionally, chocolates made at home and heart-shaped chocolates are very popular among couples. Along with chocolates, heart-shaped strawberry or vanilla flavored cakes, and wine- flavored dishes are the commonly prepared Valentine’s Day dishes and are still very popular.

Ten Best Valentine Day Foods

  1. Honey- It is one of the best aphrodisiacs. It not only contains energizing natural sugars, but contains boron which is found to improve the capacity of the body to metabolize and utilize the sexual hormone estrogen in women and increase the levels of the sexual hormone, testosterone, in both men and women. Apart from being an aphrodisiac, honey is also a health food as it contains B vitamins and phytochemicals.
  2. Oysters- zinc present in this seafood makes it best for sperm production and libido. Raw oysters are often enjoyed with Champagne by couples on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Garlic- Allicin in garlic improves blood circulation. Those averse to the odor can try garlic capsules.
  4. Figs- these are ancient Greek aphrodisiacs
  5. Chocolate – Their compelling taste is the most important reason for their being a passion of many who use it to represent love, which has an equally pleasant effect on people experiencing it. Phenylethylamine(PEA), anandamide, and tryptophan are certain chemicals which cause feelings of well being in humans. PEA, also known as a “love chemical” works on the pleasure center of the brain. But, scientists have found the aphrodisiacal properties of this wonder confection to be limited, though ironically, it happens to be the most popular Valentine’s Day food in many countries.
  6. Basil- its strong refreshing aroma is considered aphrodisiacal. Pasta sauces use sweet basil which is specifically known for its arousal properties
  7. Banana- rich in B vitamins, magnesium and potassium, the banana also contains bromeliad enzymes and chelating minerals, which enhance the male sexuality.
  8. Asparagus- folic acid present in them is involved in the production of histamine that helps attain sexual fulfillment.
  9. Champagne- is a favorite drink of lovers. It lowers inhibition thresholds.
  10. Caviar- this sturgeon roe dish contains zinc which improves the production of the sexual hormone testosterone

Customary Ways of Serving Valentine’s Day Food

Valentine’s Day food always calls for a romantic meal and it is served in a perfect romantic ambience. A dinner table is arranged for the couple. Traditionally, the table is decorated with heart shaped balloons and pink roses. Though in modern times the dinner table is decorated with balloons and flowers it is not much over done. Aromatic candles and flowers are placed for the couple. A bottle of champagne or wine is customary on the Valentine’s Day dinner table. The meal starts with Valentine’s Day cake, followed by alcohol and starters. Valentine’s Day food is usually served as a three-course meal that includes various special Valentine’s Day dishes. A soft music is always played in the background to complement the romantic Valentine’s Day meal.