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Sugar Cookie Day

Sugar Cookie Day falls on 9th of July every year. It is observed as a National holiday. Sugar Cookie Day recipes are typically prepared with a high amount of sugar that satisfies the appetite of people having sweet tooth. It is a day when people of all age-groups including kids, youngsters, adults and even old people gather together with friends and family to bake some good sugar cookies and consume them generously on this special Sugar Cookie Day.

Traditional Sugar Cookie Day Recipes

How old is Sugar Cookie Day? Who has created this day? All these questions are still unanswered and no factual description is available regarding this. However, sugar cookie recipes are very old and ancient across the globe. Traditionally, simple sugar cookies are prepared as national Sugar Cookie Day recipes. Shapes and size of the cookies vary but the basic recipe includes flour, eggs, sugar, butter and sometimes milk. Heart shape cookies and cookies made with raisins and nuts are popular on Sugar Cookie Day. It is said that these cookies should be consumed warm as it gives a pleasurable taste.

Significance of Sugar Cookie Day Recipes

Sugar Cookie Day is mainly observed as a day to celebrate baking sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are considered as popular as chocolate chip cookies in America; hence there are many lovers of these cookies on Sugar Cookie Day. This day is having a great significance in America as there it is a food holiday that is also called a National holiday, though there us no President proclamation is existing for this holiday.

Modern Sugar Cookie Day Recipes

With the changing recipes and baking trends, Sugar Cookie Day has undergone a significant change. Traditional sugar cookie recipes were made with simple flour, but these modern Sugar Cookie Day recipes take care of calories and health. Gluten-free flour, whole wheat flour and sugar substitutes are included in making sugar cookies on Sugar Cookie Day. Cream, milk and butter are also used moderately in or low-fat products are used to reduce the amount of calories in national Sugar Cookie Day recipes. Even icing or frosting is also done on some of the sugar cookies while preparing for Sugar Cookie Day.

Customary Way of Serving Sugar Cookie Day Recipes

Sugar Cookie Day is an informal occasion that is celebrated with friends, family and neighbors. Most of the families spend this leisure time by baking together some of the great sugar cookies. Even children are also involved in the baking process. Sugar Cookie Day gift hampers are prepared to offer gifts to friends and neighbors. Sugar Cookie Day recipes are relished with cold milk or even with hot coffee along with all near and dear ones.