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National Whipped Cream Day

National Whipped Cream Day is celebrated on 5th January annually in United States. Though there is not much social or political importance associated with this day, yet this day is popularly celebrated by people to enjoy various distinct variations of the sweet version of the whipped cream, where the cream is twisted a little by adding a savory touch.

National Whipped Cream Day is celebrated in the honor of Lapin, the inventor of Reddi- wip. This day falls on his birthday to mark his contribution towards the invention of whipped cream and various other desserts.

Significance of National Whipped Cream Day

National Whipped Cream Day is celebrated to enjoy various kinds of spicy, savory, and non traditional recipes of whipped cream. On this day, a savory touch is given to the actually sweet whipped cream recipes.

National Whipped Cream Day Recipes- Variations

The recipes of whipped cream prepared on the National Whipped Cream Day vary in terms of ingredients used.

  • The traditional way of preparing the whipped cream is to whip the heavy cream until it is fluffy, light and soft.

  • In modern times, the taste of whipped cream is enhanced with the flavors and extracts of coffee, chocolate, lemon or orange, spices, rum and brandy.

  • Artificial type of whipped cream is also available which is prepared by combining together oil and sugar, without making use of cream.

Customary Ways of Serving National Whipped Cream Day Recipes

Fluffy, soft, and a little savory whipped cream is served along with cakes, pies, ice cream, fruit salad, waffles and strawberries.