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National Spaghetti Day

National Spaghetti Day is celebrated on 4th January every year, when various spaghetti dishes are enjoyed all over the world, especially in Italy, with different kinds of meal combos like meatballs, meat sauce, garlic bread etc.

Origin of Spaghetti

Though the origin of spaghetti has been associated with Italy around 12th century, yet the presence of pasta can be traced around 4,000 years back. Spaghetti was seen in US by the end of 19th century, and that too in the form of a substitute.

Traditional National Spaghetti Day Recipes

Spaghetti is made of water and flour (semolina). Packets of dry spaghetti are available everywhere in the grocery stores, where the spaghetti is boiled and spiced with salt, pepper and chilies.

Modern National Spaghetti Day Recipes

The modern version of National Spaghetti Day recipe involves preparing the spaghetti in tomato sauce and sprinkling parmesan cheese on the top of the prepared dish. The sauce can be prepared in various ways by adding various kinds of ingredients like mushrooms, garlic, onions, tomatoes meatballs, and spices, with tomatoes being one of the essential ingredients. The deliciousness and flavor of the National Spaghetti Day dish is high dependant upon the preparation of the sauce which is really a great art.

Customary Ways to Eat National Spaghetti Day Recipes

National Spaghetti Day is often celebrated with family and friends, where all of them go together in a restaurant and enjoy spaghetti dinner with different kinds of sauces.