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National Salad Month

National Salad Month recipes comprise of healthy and delicious salads which are low in calories. The National Salad Month is celebrated in the month of May and during this whole month people relish delectable salads containing fruits, vegetables, pastas, oatmeal and seafood.

Popular National Salad Month Recipes

  • Blackberry lettuce salad- A colorful assortment of blackberries, cucumber, pear, onion and lettuce; this salad is simple to make and is rich in nutrition.

  • Minty blueberry salad- It is one of the most popular National Salad Month recipes which has a refreshing taste which helps to beat the summer heat. It is a combination of watermelon with jicama, lime zest, blueberries and mint.

  • Chicken tomato salad- It is a delicious Mediterranean salad and a popular National Salad Month food. Feta cheese, basil and penne pasta add to the flavor of tomatoes and grilled chicken.

Significance of National Salad Month Food

The National Salad Month recipes mark the beginning of spring by making use of seasonal harvest. The fresh fruits and vegetables are available in the stores during this time and adding them in the form of salads ensures healthy eating and rich provision of nutrition.

Customary Way of Serving National Salad Month Food

Salads are eaten during this month mostly prior to lunch and dinner as an appetizer. Some people relish them as a light full course meal also. Kids love to have them with pasta and nuts added in their salads while adults flavor the salads with herbs and spices.