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National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day is celebrated on January 19th every year and is not to be confused as a part of the National Popcorn Month which is held in October. However, some people also celebrate the National Popcorn Day on the same day Super Bowl is celebrated. As the name of the festival suggests, National Popcorn Day is all about making popcorns and eating them. The celebration of this day brings with it a day of relaxed atmosphere, where everyone is in a party or a get together mood to simply sit back and enjoy fresh popcorns with friends and family. Some of the most enjoyed National Popcorn day recipes are caramel popcorn, buttered popcorn, cheese popcorn and salted popcorn. However, that is not all about the celebration of this festive day as these delicious National Popcorn Day recipes are enjoyed in more experimental ways like in soups, salads and other such dishes.

Traditional National Popcorn Day Recipes

While the traditional National Popcorn Day recipes are basically the simple salted or flavored popcorns, which are munched on as casual snacks while watching movies or otherwise, there are several creative popcorn dishes which show up on the National Popcorn Day menu. These include National Popcorn Day delicacies like popcorn soup and popcorn salad. While the popular soup recipe calls for the use of assorted vegetables, cream cheese and popcorns, the common National Popcorn Day salad recipe is created by tossing crunchy veggies, popcorns, bacon and creamy cheese dressing. The caramel popcorn balls prepared by making balls of syrup and butter soaked popcorns is one of most treasured National Popcorn Day recipes. In the other cases, popcorns are tossed with nuts and dried fruits for a delicious snack mix.

Customary Ways to Eat National Popcorn Day Foods

Depending on the recipes, the National Popcorn Day popcorns are eaten either as snacks or as appetizers and starters in a full course lunch and dinner. Even, some popcorn recipes are also served at dessert and these include the sweetened dishes like cranberry popcorn bars, chocolate cream popcorn, fruity baked popcorn, popcorn granola and chocolate popcorn balls.