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National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day is one of the several weird and bizarre food holidays or observances followed all around the world. Though, it is popularly celebrated on 1st May, there are records of this day being celebrated on other days like September 13th and second Sunday of December. This day is celebrated by either preparing a variety of National Pizza Day recipes, which are nothing but usual pizza recipes or visiting the nearest pizza outlet. Several pizza aficionados claim that pizzas must to be eaten the entire day this day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. However, most people who observe this day usually restrict themselves to just one meal. Sweet pizza, Pizza Margarita, Cheese and ham pizzas, etc. are the most popular recipes for National Pizza Day.

National Pizza Day Recipes and Menu

National Pizza Day is celebrated to honor the millions of delectable pizza recipes loved all around the world. Hence, this day is typically celebrated by eating all kinds of pizzas. The diet routine of a true pizza buff on this day may consist of several National Pizza day recipes like fruit pizzas for breakfast, chicken and cheese pizzas with calzone for lunch, mini pizzas for snacks and Bulgarian ring Pizza with cheese and basil sauce for dinner.
However, not many follow such a wacky diet and stick to a simple National Pizza Day party in the evening. Some of the typical National Pizza Day recipes served at such parties include pizza cups, deep crust pizzas, stuff crust pizza, etc. Apart from throwing a party at home, the other more popular tradition of this day is to visit the nearest pizza outlet. In fact, several pizza outlets offer special discounts and coupons on the National Pizza day.

Pizza Day: Trivia

Though, pizzas were invented in Italy and one of the most popular Italian dishes, there are no records of National Pizza Day being observed in Italy.