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National Pie Day

National pie day is celebrated every year on 23rd January. This day is observed in order to celebrate the birth of pie recipes in America. National pie day recipes typically comprise all types of pie. Americans use to celebrate this day by preparing their favorite pie recipes and organizing a national pie day food fiesta. The National pie day food fiesta may include an assortment of pie recipes, such as chocolate pie, buttermilk pie and blueberry pie.

Traditional National Pie Day Recipes

The traditional pie recipes on national pie day include apple pie. This pie is one of the most popular and oldest pie recipes across the world. Apple pie has many variations that are included in national pie day food. Other traditional recipes are blueberry pie, peach pie and pumpkin pie.

One recipe that creates rage among pie lovers since ages is the classic strawberry pie. The chunks of strawberry make it the favorite pie recipe of national pie day.

Significance of National Pie Day Food

The American pie council is the founder of the national pie day. This day is celebrated by the Americans to show their immense love for pie recipes. National pie day food especially includes all the favorite pie recipes of American people. Friends, family and neighbors all are gathered to savor the delicious pie recipes prepared on national pie day.

This day is also thought as a day to learn some new pie recipes. Special National pie championships are also organized by the American pie council to give due credit to the skilled bakers and chefs. Many new pie recipes are introduced by them and some of them become the most savored national pie day recipes.

Modern Pie Day Recipes and Their Variations

National pie day has been celebrated since many years with some traditional national pie day recipes. But with changing times the national pie day food has undergone many changes. As it is already known that national pie day is also celebrated for introducing new pie recipes, hence pie recipes with elaborated ingredients are now become the part of the national pie day. Traditionally, fruit pie recipes were popular among pie lovers, but now pie fillings have changed. Pecans, nuts, cream and even meats are among the list of modern pie fillings. Savory pie recipes are quite popular on national pie day. Mince meat pie, chicken pot pie and cheese pie recipes are among the savory national pie day recipes.

Low-fat and low-calories pie recipes are also gaining popularity these days as more and more people are becoming health-conscious these days.

Customary Ways to Serve National Pie Day Food

National pie day is usually celebrated with friends, family and neighbors. People use to bake their favorite pie and serve them or even gift them to all near and dear ones. In some households, national pie day feast has been arranged and various national pie day recipes are included in it.

National Pie Day Recipes Trivia

Apple pie is the most favored pie on national pie day.