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National Lemon Cupcake Day

National lemon cupcake day is a day set aside for eating and presenting lemon cupcakes to each other. The ordinary cupcake is enhanced by adding a quantity of lemon juice and some national lemon cupcake day recipes also recommend using grated lemon rinds to the mixture just before it is baked into a cupcake. The commercial establishments across the United States of America have popularized the concept and most bakeries and confectionaries follow their own innovations instead of a set national lemon cupcake day recipes on the occasion of National lemon cupcake day.

History Of National Lemon Cupcake Day

The National lemon cupcake day is celebrated on the 15th of December every year although there is no obvious fact or history associated with it. It is one of the days included within the list of food holidays in America. There have been no legal records or official proclamation of this day so far.
Popular National Lemon Cupcake Day Recipes

National lemon cupcake day is also about convincing people to eat the deliciously sweet cupcake with a hint of sour. The national lemon cupcake day recipes do not really differ widely but the frosting and the decorations on the cupcake is often creative making it look attractive and delicious.
Sour cream is frequently used instead of lemon juice in order to make the lemon cupcake softer. A little amount of vanilla extract is sometimes added to balance the sourness of the lemon. Slicing off the top and smearing it with lemon jelly or home made lemon flavored yoghurt is another way of baking these deliciously tangy lemon cupcakes.
National Lemon Cupcake Day: Trivia

National lemon cupcake day is one of the six holidays set aside to appreciate the lemon.