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National Jelly Bean Day

National Jelly Bean Day recipes are mostly the recipes that make use of jelly beans. Jelly beans are known for their sweet flavor and mushy texture from within and are mostly popular with kids. April 22nd is dedicated to this little confectionary item and the people who relish these beans enjoy them in various ways as National Jelly Bean Day food.

Popular National Jelly Bean Day Recipes

Jelly Bean Fudge- An interesting fudge recipe which is easy to make and contains flavored jelly beans.

Jelly Bean Carrot Cakes- Carrot cakes are liked by all and adding jelly beans in carrot cake make the cake extra delectable. The children can try their hand too by decorating these cakes with jelly bean.

Vegan Jelly Beans- One of the popular National Jelly Bean Day food for vegans, are the beans without beeswax, gelatin and glaze. These vegan jelly beans can be used in other National Jelly Bean Day recipes.

Jelly Bean Peanut Butter Cups- A healthy and interesting snack option for all, it is a tasty assortment of peanut butter cups with gluey jelly beans.

Significance of National Jelly Bean Day Food

The National Jelly Bean Day recipes are meant for honoring jelly beans. The origin of these gummy confections is unknown but they are a popular choice of kids as well as adults. Jelly beans are available in hundreds of flavor ranging from fruit flavors to coffee, chocolate and those with themes like Halloween and Harry potter.