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National Honey Month

National Honey Month recipes are a part of the National Honey Month feast which comprises honey as one of its main ingredient and the National Honey Month food is mostly sweet tasting along with being delectable and nutritious. The National Honey Month is celebrated in September to make the people aware of benefits of honey and its amazing uses. Besides, this initiative of National Honey Board also aims to encourage people to consume honey by using it in different recipes.

Popular National Honey Month Recipes

  • Holiday Honey Punch- A refreshing drink made by combining honey, ginger ale, orange juice, cranberry juice and a tinge of lemon. One of the best National Honey Month recipeswhich is simple and quenches thirst easily.
  • Stuffed Dates: Packaged dates stuffed with honey make an interesting National Honey Month food and also a perfect and healthy treat for kids.
  • Honeyed Peaches- Hollowed peaches stuffed with cottage cheese and topped with natural sweetener honey. Chopped almonds topping on peaches make the dish appealing.
  • Yogurt and honey- Frozen yogurt topped with honey, granola, cinnamon powder, and chopped almonds and pistachio.

Significance Of National Honey Month Food
The National Honey Month recipes aim to make the consumers appreciate the numerous benefits of honey and also urge them to try different varieties of honey. There are approximately 300 honey varieties in US including alfalfa, sage, orange and blossom. The Natural Honey month food is also dedicated to the nutritional benefits of honey; rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Trivia- National Honey Month
Every year, approximately 1.5 pounds of honey is consumed by every American.