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National Guacamole Day

National Guacamole Day, which is also Mexican Independence Day, is celebrated on 16th September every year, when avocados are eaten in abundance. It is the most awaited holiday in Mexico to enjoy the taste and delightfulness of avocados, where avocados are used in various ways to come up with delicious National Guacamole Day recipes.

Traditional Significance of the National Guacamole Day Fruit

The origin of avocados lies in 7,000 B.C., which were initially eaten by Aztecs. Avocados were earlier meant for only the aristocrats and the rich class, where they were used in a number of ways to enhance the appeal of the main course meal.

Customary Ways to Serve National Guacamole Day Dishes

Hass avocados are served proudly on National Guacamole Day by various professional chefs, where the avocados are mashed with tomatoes, spiced in a very light manner with chilies, and served in the form of dip with various kinds of Mexican dishes. It is traditional to serve Guacamole with tortilla chips on National Guacamole Day. However, the dip can be served with crisp and sliced vegetables also. Though Hass avocados are served throughout the year in breakfast, lunch and dinner, yet their significance on the National Guacamole Day cannot be ignored.

Uses of National Guacamole Day Recipes

Apart from being used as a dip with tortilla chips, Guacamole can be used in various other ways too.

  • It can be used as a spread for sandwich.

  • It can also be consumed with burger where the burger is topped with a squirt of Guacamole.

  • Adding some of the Guacamole to the omelet is also a very good variation.

  • Guacamole can also be used to dress grilled chicken, pork or fish.