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National Eggnog Day

The National Egg Nog Day celebrates the Christmas spirit with this amazing holiday drink. Egg nog, a traditional holiday drink, is celebrated in great on a day meant for it, just before Christmas, on 24th December. Egg Nog is a dairy-based sweet drink which can be had with or without alcohol.

The name egg nog has originated in America where history says rum was a twist added in America. “Grog” was another word for rum and egg nog is a derived word from egg’n’grog.

Origins of National Egg Nog Day Recipes

The beginnings of the National Egg Nog Day can be found in the beginning of the classic drink. Egg Nog was earlier called Egg Flip and originated in England. The drink was brought over by the colonists to America and today it has its very own celebration day, the National Egg Nog Day.

In England, by the 17th century, this drink became the ‘milk punch’ used to toast friends on happy and traditional occasions. Eventually alcohol and eggs were added, along with spices to the punch and eventually the result was this rich drink that we celebrate today.

National Egg Nog Day Recipes

Today egg nog for National Egg Nog Day can be made simply by mixing eggs, sugar, white rum, milk, cream, whisky, whipping cream and ground nutmeg. It is made around Christmas to celebrate the good cheer.

Trivia: Did you know egg nog is made in many different cultures and is known by many different names? It is called Eierlikör in Germany, ponche in Spain, advocaat in Holland, coquito in Puerto Rico and Rompope in Mexico.