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National Egg Month

National Egg Month is observed in the month of May. The month is dedicated to eggs which are not only inexpensive, but also convenient and versatile. There is variety in National Egg Month food recipes and all the egg based foods are easy to prepare, delectable and healthy.

Popular National Egg Month Food Items

  • Deviled egg- are a popular food on National Egg Month. The spices are used to garnish the yolk. Red peppers, salt, black pepper and sauces are usually used to make the egg more interesting. Devilled eggs make a healthy and delicious breakfast. They are also served as party food and are easy to prepare.

  • Eggnog- is one of the enjoyable drinks during National Egg Month. Eggnog is made by combining milk with sugar, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg and cream. Rum or whiskey is also used to add to the flavor of this egg recipe. There are many variations of eggnog recipe.

The other National Egg Month foods are omelets, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, egg puddings and cakes containing eggs.

Significance of National Egg Month

National Egg Month was an initiative taken by American egg board to boost the sales of eggs as well as make people familiar of egg benefits. Egg contains 13 essential nutrients such as protein, choline, folate and many other minerals. Eggs play a major role in pregnancy period also. The month encourages the people to use eggs in different recipes and as per the American egg board, consuming two eggs daily results in flat stomach and weight loss.