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National Cupcake Day

National cupcake day is traditionally celebrated on the 15th of December. Not many know of this occasion despite the fact that the day is listed prominently among the various food holidays of America. This obscure but delightful food item has been a favorite right from the old age. Both kids as well as the adults are fond of the cupcakes which go on to be prepared with fervor on every national cupcake day. The various national cupcake day recipes do not lag behind when it comes to the newer form of the product either. With the holiday season in the offing, December 15th seems to be an ideal day chosen as the national cupcake day. People who are aware of the significance celebrate it in style by baking cupcakes which follow the national cupcake day recipes closely.

History Of National Cupcake Day
While the national cupcake day is listed within the food festivals, the origin of the day remains unknown. The cupcake day is not one that has been declared legally or by means of a Presidential proclamation, yet the national cupcake day is celebrated as a fun filled day with individuals eating and serving cupcakes to their friends and families.

Popular National Cupcake Day Recipes
While the National cupcake day can be celebrated by baking a delicious batch of cupcakes at home, a number of specialty cupcake boutiques have come into vogue lately particularly in the metropolises of New York City and Washington DC. These small cafes cater to every kind of taste and have a mindboggling number of national cupcake day recipes which are all unique. Cupcakes with a slight twist are often promoted as a fun filled way of celebrating the national cupcake day as well.
The chocolate cupcake and the lemon cupcake remain all time favorites while other fruity flavors are much in demand as well. A good amount of flour sifted together with baking powder and added to sugar and eggs along with a few drops of vanilla extracts is enough to create a good mixture for baking a cupcake on the occasion. However, the black and white cupcakes from New York along with the Top Ten city flavor cupcake from Tennessee are considered to be delicacies which do not depend on the traditional national cupcake day recipes.

Variations of National Cupcake Day Recipes
Decorated cupcakes made with a number of fancy ingredients are the usual variations with the Tequila based cupcake a hot favorite across the Mexican border on national cupcake day.

National Cupcake Day: Trivia
A special salted cupcake is available at selected cafes on National Cupcake Day